Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Me and my adventures!!!

It was nearly 9'O clock in the morning and there was a lot of hustle n bustle on the platform 9 3/4, King's cross, London. We were all waiting for the Hogwarts Express. My best friend, Liza who is always in a hurry was worried that we'd miss the train and in her hurry-burry, we came almost two hours early. What to do, she is one of my bestie. My other two besties came running with their loads of luggages!!! Mita who always packed very light and Taju who always packed more than she wanted (Pssst.. she is a fashion junkie)
The Hogwarts Express came on time but we couldnt see Harry Potter anywhere. He was late as usual. Donno this time what adventure he is upto this time :D Just about time when the train was about to start, Harry, Ron and Hermione came running to the train and came dashing to our bogie . We, I mean, myself, Mita, Liza and Taju got scared. Donno which dangerous creature might come chasing after these crazies. But strangely Harry, Hermione and Ron sat seriously for a minute and started laughing so loudly that a couple of kids running around in the corridor of the train came to our compartment and stared at us and them. Then all of a sudden we all started to laugh. One hell of a crazy journey we were having. 

After everyone cooled of Ron told us that how the three of them had hoodwinked Lord Voldemort into boarding a local train . And HeWhoMustNotBeNamed realized a bit late that Harry, Ron and Hermione had fooled him. Also in this fiassco Harry managed to nick Voldemort's wand.  Since Voldemort doesn't have any knowledge of the Muggle world and without his wand, he couldn't stop the train..So we were guessing that he might have reached Mylapore by now !!!!

Our journey was filled with fun and and we played Pano Cards, Dualopy and more. When we got down at Hogsmead, there was tension everywhere. There was a strange tension in the air. It was a sure sign of trouble. Suddenly Lord Voldemort appeared out of thin air. And all of us took out our wands. Suddenly sparks started to flow in all the directions as everyone was casting spells against each other. 

There was a burning smell coming from our train and we surely knew that our main source of protection was going to blow up. Many kids were injured, and Voldemort was standing in front of me, and Harry was standing beside me. And to our horror, Voldemort was holding a wand in his hands. and he was casting spells against us. I directed an Animagi spell and Harry a Birdagi spell together towards Voldemort. And Lo!! He turned into a furry masss of flesh.... just like that. Everybody were shocked.... and all of a sudden everyone started to laugh.  It was a miracle and we caged Lord Voldemort was sent him or rather it to a deep down into an underground facility in Hogwarts !!!!

Ya that's it for now or rather today!!!
Will be back with more of my and my friends'( Mita, Liza and Taju of course...... who were you thinking? Harry Potter?!?!) adventures soon......

This post was written for a contest I am an Explorer (Tata Safari Storm) by Indiblogger.

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