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Let there be light...

Saturday, October 11, 2014

More Indian than you think

"This is the best time to be an Indian" this was the quote by an NRI, I heard on a news channel recently regarding Mr. Modi's New York's Madison Square Park. Madison Square Park is one of the World's Most Famous Arena and thousands of people had gathered to hear and see Mr. Modi. Though I am not a big fan nor do I hate him, this event surely kept my interest up. I haven't seen the world or the NRIs being so interested in India or an Indian Prime Minister in a long long time. 

NRIs holding placards, shouting slogans about India like "Bharat Mata ki jai", in a foreign country especially in a country like the USA is a very rare scene. The 18,500 strong audience was gathered at New-York !!!! One of the people gathered there said, "It is amazing to see the kind of euphoria created by Modi's visit and this is probably the best time to be an Indian". 

There was live and extensive coverage on various news channels regarding Modi's visit not just in India but also in the USA. We could see many non-Indians at the event too. This is the proof that the world is finally getting up to look at India with interest now. The fact that the Indian MOM missions' success and the fact that it cost India under Rs.10 per kilometer to reach Mars...... made every Indian proud of our scientists.

The photographs of ISRO scientists celebrating after MOM entered Mars was inspiring. The scientists hugging each other and congratulating each other the sari clad women scientists gave all us such a thrill that those pictures won't fade from our memories for a long time. 

India is surely a very happening phenomenon now. Mr. Kailash Satyarthi winning the prestigious Nobel Peace prize is another proud moment for all Indians. The reaction of Indians to all these changes shows that we are more Indian than we think like this in ad.

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Diwali Shopping!!!

Festival = Shopping!!!!!!

Don't you agree?!!??!

Everybody loves festivals, especially Diwali, the festival of lights and gifting :-) Its a great time for get-togethers, parties and celebrations!! So there is a lot of shopping involved and bargaining to be done. 

I was looking to buy some good books for my Daddy and a DSLR for hubby.And I was checking online for those stuff and with good deals too. There was too much of research ;-) involved for the best website with the best discount. It was just maddening .... That's when I found this amazing website which helps you narrow the search down and lists the best deals and offer coupons too.

27coupons , website is a platform related to discount coupons and deals. It displays discount coupons on offer to the buyer from almost all top most E-commerce website. We can easily "search" for products and find coupons quickly and make huge savings on most of our shopping.

The coupons are categorized into apparel, electronics, books, computers, jewelery, restaurants, kitchen appliances, kids Store, fashion, travel, etc.

 Its pretty much easy to search for items and best offers or coupons. Earlier coupons were offered on items only on foreign websites. This is the best Indian coupon site I have come across. This site directed me to Amazon for books which was offering upto 60% discount and Flipcart for DSLR. 

I couldn't resist such a good deal and ended up ordering 11 books for my kiddo too. I ordered Geronimo Stilton, Wimpy kid, Nancy Drew books for her. And a cool looking mobile case for my sister which she received yesterday :D :D. I am expecting my (read hubby's) DSLR in a couple of days.

So go on and try 27coupons for Diwali shopping for yourself and your family. And do tell me too about the good deals that you got :)

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Clicked from my mobile , so I couldn't focus on the dragonfly properly... but I loved the colour and so wanted to share it on my blog :)
Taken at Kuppalli Kuvempu's Home

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Life is Beautiful!

 Life is Beautiful!! Yes!! But only if you want it to be....

You are the maker and breaker of your life. You can only be as much happy as you want to be. So your life can be as beautiful as much you want it to be..... despite all the problems and all the setbacks.

Recently after refueling our car, we went to check the air in the tyres of the car. The man on duty was partially paralyzed on his left side.  His left hand was totally useless and his left leg was not looking healthy either. And by the look of it he had had an accident recently. His right leg was in a plaster that means his right leg that supported him, which helped him to walk was fractured. He had injury marks all over his body including his working hand. Yet he was performing his duty with as much honesty and sincerity. There was even a hint of smile for his regular customers. 

Yep some would say that he is poor and working is his necessity. But have you seen people faking injuries and begging for alms in traffic junctions and near temples. All the fake blood, the sleeping child in the beggar's hand gains a lot of sympathy with a lot of people.  He could easily have done that. Giving up is easy but never say die attitude is also not that difficult!! I have seen plenty of healthy people who do not work despite the financial problems. Every time I face a problem I try and remember that person in the petrol bunk whose left hand was paralyzed and right leg was fractured and yet worked hard and happily fought against all odds and my father who fought all odds and stayed positive. 

Another inspiration in my life is my father. My father has been fighting his health issues since the past 18 years. So many ups and downs he has seen in his life. But he has never given up in his life. He always wished more from his life and has worked for it. He is a very simple man and his needs and desires are simple yet he has fought all odds. 

Well you might be thinking why all of a sudden I am being so philosophical and writing so much about life and all...... Well one of my friend is in depression and all of our efforts to bring him out of it has not been fruitful. He doesn't reads my blogs, he doesn't even know that I have a blog as a matter of fact. Yet I am writing this post for him. A lot of things were going on in my mind and I had to get them out of my system. This post is also for me ..... to remember it every time I face a problem or whenever in a dilemma.............. to remember never to give up in life and staying positive because Life is Beautiful!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Road Trip!!

Road trips are always fun and exciting .... no matter the condition of the road, company and vehicle. And it is much better if the road is good and the journey takes us through some beautiful places or it is raining :D . So when this time hubby dear planned for a road trip to and from Mumbai and Shimoga in our Ritz, both me and the kiddo became excited. We started from Shimoga by morning 5 and reached Mumbai by 8 in the evening. We took a lot of breaks, did a bit (read a lot) of shopping ;-) and enjoyed the trip thoroughly!!!

Mom had packed some homemade( mom made) rice flour 'Rotis' with 'Kadale chutney' and Brinjal 'palya' for breakfast!! We took our first break near Haveri for breakfast. We were having those tasty rotis when we heard some unusual sound coming from the tree under which we were enjoying our break. Upon investigation, we realized that there were three monkeys on the top of the tree!!! To be precise they were Grey Langur.

The weather was good and because of the summer showers through out Karnataka this year there was a lot of greenery all around. Past Hubli, there were mango sellers on either side of the road and what yummy mangoes they were. Bought loads of mangoes and different varieties of them too!!!!

The road form Shimoga till Kolhapur is awesome especially between Harihar and Belgaum!! Soo wide and beautiful roads... makes it totally enjoyable to drive !! From there till Mumbai the road is good too but not as good as in Karnataka. We took a lot of small breaks... to click pics or just to admire the scenic beauty. We even bought some pairs of shoes in Shendre near Satara. Apparently a friend of hubby told him about this place. And it was worth the visit!!! The store is huge and full of shoes, shoes n more shoes.... A must visit if you are travelling that way!

The trip was smooth and uneventful till Panvel and it just past 5'o clock when we reached Panvel. But past that the traffic was heavy and it took nearly 3 hours for us to travel 30 to 35 kms :( .Anyway it was an awesome trip. The stretch between Pune and Mumbai especially Khandala, Lonavala are awesome. The tunnels, the valleys the clouds, the occasional showers...... I have travelled so many times between Pune and Mumbai many times , yet the Lonavala stretch fascinates me everytime!!!!!

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My love for paper....
Rescued these from a dust bin of a printing press :D

Friday, March 28, 2014

Mumbai Diary - 1

Mumbai Local trains are the life-line of Mumbai. Mumbai would not have been Mumbai, if not for its never stopping Local trains. You cannot be called a proper Mumbaikar if you have not travelled in Mumbai Local.... or so the feeling everybody have. When I shifted to Mumbai from down South, where life goes at a medium pace, not too slow not too fast, Mumbai's fast paced life, that rush was shocking for me as well as exciting. 

I wanted to explore everything , go everywhere, do everything!!! Life would be so much fun, or so I thought. In January 2013, after 3 months of arriving here, we i.e., me and my family decided to try the local train journey. We went to the railway station and were shocked to see the station. There were people, people everywhere. The ticket counter was so long that Hanuman's tail would have looked a bit shorter in front of it. Finally after half an hour of struggle, we managed to get the train ticket.

We went to the platform where the train was supposed to come and found more people there.My daughter's reaction was...... tears. Yes!! She started crying and begged  us to take her home. She was terrified of the people and the station itself because of the untidy way it was kept. Belonging to place like Shimoga where we have a clean railway station, she couldn't believe that railway stations can be like this. 

Finally after convincing her about the journey, we started waiting for the train. And the train arrived and suddenly we felt that there was a commotion. Everybody in the train wanted to get down and everybody on the platform wanted to get into it. Me and daughter held on tightly to each other. There was no way we could manage to get on to this train. We let the train go and thought of waiting for the next train. And the next train arrived and we realised that this is the way of getting into a train.... just go with the crowd... and we decided to try it. But this time too we were unable to get into it. Even my husband too was unable to board into the train. 

Then came the third train, and yet we were not able to board it. It was getting frustrating now. The fourth train arrived and we rushed to board it along with fellow passengers. Hubby dear finally managed to get into one train where as me and kiddo were still struggling in the crowd. We both started to panic as the train was going to leave and we were still on the platform. Hubby somehow managed to get down. 

We waited for a few more minutes ..... trains would come and go and yet the crowd never decreased. Finally we were tired by just trying to board the train that we decided to say quits and returned back.

We laughed about if for a few weeks ... no months and never again tried the mumbai local again till a year. Then suddenly in February, hubby dear just wanted to try the train again. Though we were reluctant, he convinced us that this time it would be different. He told us that this time he has done some research and promised that it would be a hassle free journey. And we decided to go with him and with lots of fear in our heart went to the railway station. We got the tickets within minutes... yep.. no Hanuman's tail this time thankfully :D

The train that we were going to take was going to start from our station itself and not a passing train. Yet, me and daughter were holding on to each other tightly. There was enough time for us to board the train and get a comfortable seat and look out of the window and all. Slowly our fears vanished as the train started. It took just 50 minutes from my station to CST, which normally takes nearly 2 hours in the car. When we got down at CST, there was pure joy and excitement. Local train journey was in fact fun and an eye opener.

 I saw two or three kids ,who were almost my daughter's age got on to the train in one station and got down in another on their own. By seeing them, whatever little fear me and daughter had, vanished and we laughed at ourselves. Now I am excited to travel in train again now.I am not hesitant about the local trains anymore. I may not be able to board the train like others do on the passing trains which stops for just an minute in every station, but definitely there will be more train journey in the future. 

I will be writing about my experience of living and exploring Mumbai every now and then (Pssst... not regularly... mind it :P )