Sunday, September 1, 2013

Smelly to Smiley :-)

I have lived major portion of my life in towns.... small, medium and large. I have also lived quite some time in metros and shifted to another metro recently. There is this constant debate going on in my mind whether life in small town is better compared to a metro. If metro wins one day , the small town wins on the other. Though I am falling in love with this city of dreams , Mumbai everyday. 

But somewhere in the back of my mind I keep remembering the lovely gardens, the independence of individual house, lovely neighbors, the occasional cats and their litters who make your home theirs, the lovely early morning fragrance from the garden and many more.

I have always been a nature lover..... I had had dogs, cats, birds as pets most of the time. People used to bring any wounded strays to my home because they knew I would nurse them back. I have had a bird bath in almost all the houses I lived ...... That is ... till now...

 I have refrained myself from tying anything out of my window area. I am  scared pigeons might make it their homes.  There was a time when I looked out of my window every morning and put grains and keep a bowl of water for the birds. But everything have changed after moving to this metro high rise... :-(  In fact, now I shoo the pigeons away from my windows.....

I hate myself for doing that.... but the smell of the pigeon shit on all my windows plus the constant Mumbai rain....Yeeeewwwww
Bad smell... very unpleasant situation for me especially when I have guests over. When you live in a high rise in a residential area, where green trees and fresh air is as precious as the Indian Rupee,  we start to appreciate the small garden we used to have in those small towns, with the smell of the fresh flowers lingering into your living area.

But here you have to think twice before opening a window with the fear that your house might smell of pigeon poop.  It's a love and hate relationship I have with the pigeons. I love them but hate them anywhere near my window sill. Anyway recently I got a package of Ambi Pur for reviewing. And I have kept it in my living area. And boy do I love to keep my windows open? YES !!! I no longer look out of my widow for any pigeon to shoo  ;-) 

I have been using this Ambi Pur since 10 days in my home . My home is actually smelling WAAOOWW!!  I have no issues with the pigeons. My living area actually reminds me of my lovely hometown...... fresh flowers, fresh fruits.....It actually is Smelly to Smiley :D I am off to buy two more Ambi Pur for my bed rooms. If you have your smelly to smiley experience do share with me.
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Anonymous said...

nice review..ATB

do share your thoughts on mine too dear..