Friday, June 27, 2014

Life is Beautiful!

 Life is Beautiful!! Yes!! But only if you want it to be....

You are the maker and breaker of your life. You can only be as much happy as you want to be. So your life can be as beautiful as much you want it to be..... despite all the problems and all the setbacks.

Recently after refueling our car, we went to check the air in the tyres of the car. The man on duty was partially paralyzed on his left side.  His left hand was totally useless and his left leg was not looking healthy either. And by the look of it he had had an accident recently. His right leg was in a plaster that means his right leg that supported him, which helped him to walk was fractured. He had injury marks all over his body including his working hand. Yet he was performing his duty with as much honesty and sincerity. There was even a hint of smile for his regular customers. 

Yep some would say that he is poor and working is his necessity. But have you seen people faking injuries and begging for alms in traffic junctions and near temples. All the fake blood, the sleeping child in the beggar's hand gains a lot of sympathy with a lot of people.  He could easily have done that. Giving up is easy but never say die attitude is also not that difficult!! I have seen plenty of healthy people who do not work despite the financial problems. Every time I face a problem I try and remember that person in the petrol bunk whose left hand was paralyzed and right leg was fractured and yet worked hard and happily fought against all odds and my father who fought all odds and stayed positive. 

Another inspiration in my life is my father. My father has been fighting his health issues since the past 18 years. So many ups and downs he has seen in his life. But he has never given up in his life. He always wished more from his life and has worked for it. He is a very simple man and his needs and desires are simple yet he has fought all odds. 

Well you might be thinking why all of a sudden I am being so philosophical and writing so much about life and all...... Well one of my friend is in depression and all of our efforts to bring him out of it has not been fruitful. He doesn't reads my blogs, he doesn't even know that I have a blog as a matter of fact. Yet I am writing this post for him. A lot of things were going on in my mind and I had to get them out of my system. This post is also for me ..... to remember it every time I face a problem or whenever in a dilemma.............. to remember never to give up in life and staying positive because Life is Beautiful!!

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