Thursday, June 26, 2014

Road Trip!!

Road trips are always fun and exciting .... no matter the condition of the road, company and vehicle. And it is much better if the road is good and the journey takes us through some beautiful places or it is raining :D . So when this time hubby dear planned for a road trip to and from Mumbai and Shimoga in our Ritz, both me and the kiddo became excited. We started from Shimoga by morning 5 and reached Mumbai by 8 in the evening. We took a lot of breaks, did a bit (read a lot) of shopping ;-) and enjoyed the trip thoroughly!!!

Mom had packed some homemade( mom made) rice flour 'Rotis' with 'Kadale chutney' and Brinjal 'palya' for breakfast!! We took our first break near Haveri for breakfast. We were having those tasty rotis when we heard some unusual sound coming from the tree under which we were enjoying our break. Upon investigation, we realized that there were three monkeys on the top of the tree!!! To be precise they were Grey Langur.

The weather was good and because of the summer showers through out Karnataka this year there was a lot of greenery all around. Past Hubli, there were mango sellers on either side of the road and what yummy mangoes they were. Bought loads of mangoes and different varieties of them too!!!!

The road form Shimoga till Kolhapur is awesome especially between Harihar and Belgaum!! Soo wide and beautiful roads... makes it totally enjoyable to drive !! From there till Mumbai the road is good too but not as good as in Karnataka. We took a lot of small breaks... to click pics or just to admire the scenic beauty. We even bought some pairs of shoes in Shendre near Satara. Apparently a friend of hubby told him about this place. And it was worth the visit!!! The store is huge and full of shoes, shoes n more shoes.... A must visit if you are travelling that way!

The trip was smooth and uneventful till Panvel and it just past 5'o clock when we reached Panvel. But past that the traffic was heavy and it took nearly 3 hours for us to travel 30 to 35 kms :( .Anyway it was an awesome trip. The stretch between Pune and Mumbai especially Khandala, Lonavala are awesome. The tunnels, the valleys the clouds, the occasional showers...... I have travelled so many times between Pune and Mumbai many times , yet the Lonavala stretch fascinates me everytime!!!!!

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